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The First Christians (Part 2)

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Seekers   (adult class)

Current Topic: ​We are studying the college textbook entitled "Introduction to the New Testament" by Mark Allen Powell.  This hardcover book is provided free to all members of the class. The text is supplemented with web links, flash cards, videos and maps.  We are learning the different viewpoints regarding the identity and mission of Jesus presented by the authors of each of the Gospels. 

Previous Topic: "The Way of Jesus" by Bruce Chilton. In addition, we have begun a video series produced by PBS Frontline entitled "From Jesus to Christ". A links are provided below. We have viewed the first 1hr and 30 min of Part 1.​ (current September 6, 2015)

Topics of interest obtained from the Frontline Documentary -Part 1:

  1. Changed view of the early life experiences of Jesus based on the close proximity of Nazareth to the Greco-Roman city of Sepphoris.
  2. How early followers of Jesus reinterpreted the Roman sign on the cross "Jesus King of the Jews".
  3. How the Jesus Movement changed its base from Jewish peasants to the gentile urban classes.
  4. The importance of eschatological ideas of time to the early church.
  5. The significance of the fall and sack of Jerusalem.