Operating Instructions

  1. Turn on the Apple TV using the silver controller. (Push the large button in the center top.) You should see the small white light in front.
  2. Turn on the Samson smart TV. (Push the red and whit button in the upper left of the TV controller.)
  3. ​You should get the screen below.

4. Use the Apple TV controller to navigate to the App you want (e.g. YouTube).

5. YouTube: Click on the YouTube App using the large button ("on/off") on the Apple TV controller. Then navigate to Search and enter your new search, or go to "Recent" to access previous search results as shown below.

Trouble shooting:

What to do if you get the "No HDMI1 Signal" screen!

​The Basics:

​The Components

Router: This sends the internet signal to all mobile devices, laptop computers and to the Apple TV media streamer.

Password: archerumc.

  1. The router sends the signal to the Apple TV media streamer. Then Apple TV sends the signal to the smart TV via an HDMI cable.
  2. The TV and the media streamer (Apple TV) have separate controllers. The system is connected to the internet, not to cable TV.
  3. In order for the system to work, the router, Apple TV and the Samson smart TV all have to be turned on. Also make sure that the Apple TV is not obstructed by the legs of the TV.

If your screen has additional information as shown by the arrow above, press the HUB button on the smart TV controller to remove. (This inset allows control using the TV controller. It's easier to use the Apple TV controller for everything.)

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Apple TV Controller: This should be the primary controller for videos. 

6. How to exit: Just turn off the smart TV. The Apple TV media streamer will cut off by itself.


Smart TV Controller: These are the most important buttons for our system. The Menu button next to the HUB button is also useful to SetUp the TV again.