Archer ​​​​​​​First United Methodist Church

Select your App and you're done! 

Setup screen 3

Setup screen 4 (Select No TV-display only)

Setup screens: screen 1

Select "Setup". This will take you to a series of 5 screens.  You will probably need to only change screen 4.

Setup screen 2

Setup screen 5

What are the possibilities?

  1. Forgot to turn on the Apple TV media streamer.
  2. HDMI cable connections are loose (not likely).
  3. The smart TV power was shut off or lost for an extended period. (This is very likely.) This means that the TV must be setup again (easy).
  4. Someone changed the source to TV to something other than HDMI1. (Fix by using the Source button on the TV controller.)

How to setup the Samsung smart TV:

  1. Use the smart TV controller and select "Menu".
  2. Navigate to "System" using the arrow keys.

If you get this screen, click the Menu button on the Apple TV controller to see the Apps.

Setup screens: screen 1

Getting back to Apple TV:

  1. Click the Menu button on the TV controller to exit the Menu screen.
  2. Use the Apple TV controller to select an App (YouTube).

The Menu button will access the Setup protocol.

Archer First United Methodist Church Smart Tv Setup